FurniT Oppertunities

FurniT Oppertunities

FurniT is fast establishing itself as a “brand new” concept in furniture retailing.

Our ultimate goal is to bring you as close as possible to a host of Furniture Manufacturers and Suppliers, from here in South Africa and every other part of the World, all keen to deal with you “directly”.  All our suppliers are carefully selected for design, quality of product and workmanship, accessibility, price and mainly for their enthusiasm and commitment in supporting FurniT’s efforts to create “direct” channels to you.
We offer you:
-A “one stop” furniture “showroom” of a variety of complimentary quality goods from   participating international suppliers.
–  Reduced “Retail pricing” structure, through FurniT (The shorter the supply chain, the MORE YOU GAIN!).
–  Top quality products, servicing and support through a supplier “backed” FurniT  “avenue”.


From experience over many years and especially since the economic down-turn phase in late 2008, it has become clear that there is an opportunity with combining the requirements / demands of an existing, changed market with the growing “frustration” among independent furniture manufacturers, -importers, -wholesalers, –distributors, under a “new” supply – chain concept, meeting the needs of all parties involved.

Accessibility to an International supply base with joint sourcing, controlled cost, quality, supply and selected product exclusivity for FurniT Retailers (Licensees), as well as the advantages through Group Identification (FurniT) and National joint Marketing efforts, are some of the main benefits in considering Licensing under the FurniT banner.

There is also a growing requirement (demand) from manufacturer and Wholesaler side for a consolidated effort in order to “create” new dependable channels to the end – customer. Factors contributing to this drive include:

  • Requirement for heightened product exposure and visibility in the market
  • Controlled growth in business and relations with selected Retailers (FurniT – licensees
  • Sharing of expertise, information and know-how, with qualified input from all levels to increase effectiveness of the whole supply-chain.
  • Cost control advantages, through a shortened supply chain, with joint efforts
  • Increased volumes with cost and price advantages (including for the final customer)

FurniT – Concept

FurniT has been created in order to address this growing requirement of Independent suppliers, importers and manufacturers, by establishing a controlled “platform”/channel/medium and/or “services” Companies, through which supply and demand can meet “more” directly in a managed environment with benefits for suppliers, FurniT – Licensees and end-user alike.

On offer to the market   The FurniT structure will offer the following to FurniT Retail – Licensees and customers: Customers

  • A “one stop” furniture “showroom” of a variety of complimentary goods and qualities available from participating suppliers.
  • Reduced “Retail pricing” structure on quality goods, through FurniT
  • Top quality products, servicing and support through a supplier “backed” FurniT  “avenue” Retailers
  • Joint Sourcing (Cost, Quality, Volume, Exclusivity and service advantages)
  • “Direct Access” to International (Imports) & SA Export suppliers (Shortened supply chain)
  • Supporting Supply-base in place and growing.
  • Group Identification (FurniT), with Joint Marketing efforts. (Local, Regional, National & Internet)
  • Expertise availability (Sourcing, Management, Marketing)

Become part of the FurniT network

Different opportunities have been created within the FurniT Concept to accommodate those who want to become part of the FurniT network for the future:

4.1 Start your own FurniT store (FurniT Licensee) with our guidance and support and reap the benefits of being part of the FurniT network

4.2 “Convert” an existing furniture store, to be part of the FurniT network. Have full control over your own investment and add the advantages of being part of a Group, in Sourcing, Operating and Marketing.

4.3  Be a “Master License Holder” of the FurniT Concept in your area or Country. Create in so doing your own opportunities to expand through licensing and retailing

4.4 Be an appointed Agent or Representative for the FurniT network, focusing on development projects, the Hospitality Industry, State and Government projects and contracts, etc.

If you are interested to know more OR have suggestions and / or input to develop and further our initiatives, please contact us